March 2014

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  Steamboat Springs was just rated #4 on this list of the 20 Best Small Towns in America. They focused on the music scene but as most of you know there are many more reasons than that starting with the amazing down to earth people that live here and the active lifestyle we get to enjoy.  Wendy and I have been  here 9 years full time now and are still finding more things to love about Steamboat all the time.  We are jealous the Alden and Neve get to grow up here but that's what we wanted. 

They must not have stayed here very long or Steamboat would be number one :)   What do you think?  See the article here - Best Small Towns in America . Give me a call if you would like to know more about Living in Steamboat Springs. I can talk through what you need

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  Building activity is taking another step up this summer with 9 homes slated to be built in Steamboat Barn Village. 18 lots there have sold in the last ten months and the development is 50% sold. We are seeing interest in Steamboat land for sale pick up as the inventory of homes declines and overall building activity is likely to take a good step up this summer as a result.  The homes being built in Steamboat Barn Village are a mix of custom homes that the owner plans to occupy and spec homes to meet the demand for newer homes around town.  Of the 9 that are in line to build 6 are being custom built by the owners and 3 are for sale as spec homes. For the 20 lots that have sold to date 13 or 14 are for custom homes at some point and the rest are planning

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Should you use a Local Lender or your out of town Banker for a Steamboat Mortgage?

  Properties in Steamboat are unique and this can cause problems as you get a loan for your place in Steamboat.  Frequently clients have a trusted mortgage broker back home that they would use by default to purchase their place in Steamboat. This can work out but often doesn't.  Unfortunately when it doesn't it is 2-4 weeks into the process when the loan is submitted to underwriting and there is a problem because the mortgage broker doesn't know the unique twists that we encounter in a ski town. 2-4 weeks can be too late to recover. Some type of loans can only be done locally and with one lender in particular like 30 year Fixed condo financing.  We have a great broker for

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What does this mean to you?  Even more amazing trails in and around Steamboat. Our local trails are one of the best things about Living in Steamboat for me and we will be seeing many more over the next few years.  How? Routt County Riders is close to getting the ST240 Single Track trail building machine. Watch the video, it is amazing what it can do.  This machine will allow them to build more trails more cheaply. They plan to use it for their own trail building efforts and to bid to build some of the Trails funded by the lodging tax for much less which would in theory allow them to build more trails.  RCR will have to bid against everyone else to build the trails but their research says that they can build the trails cheaper and faster with

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