October 2013

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  The transition from summer to fall in Steamboat has brought more than just a change in seasons. The conversations about the market are changing as well. People looking to buy tell me that they see this as the time to either move to Steamboat, own in Steamboat or upgrade because they see Steamboat set to improve with the national market. People looking to sell tell me that they see this as the time to move forward to their next home or investment while it is available at a good price. They are more cognizant of current values. I hear, "what makes sense?" more than "I have to have this price."

  I can now say with confidence that the Steamboat Real Estate market is recovering. Until July, it was tenuous, now with a strong summer & early fall under

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  The September Stats just came out and they show that the Real Estate Market in Steamboat Springs continues to improve.  The numbers show ups and downs so far this year some of which makes sense and some doesn't.  I called my firend Melissa who runs Land Title and does the stats to ask her if the decrease in August and big jump in September makes any sense beacuse it doesn't correlate for me at all. She agreed that August was busier than September closings wise.  I asked her if things may not be gettting recorded at the end of busy months like August.  This can definitely be the case so we are looking into if it explains it this time.

  See below for Melissa's report from Land Title. If you would like to know more about the market or what is happening

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