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  We are lucky to live in Steamboat in any economy but it will be even better as things recover and the economy makes it easier on local families.  It looks like we have more to be thankful for as we look at October 2012 Real Estate results for Steamboat. Stan Urban published his stats this morning. Dollar volume is up 37% and transactions are up 20% for October 2012 which mean average sales prices are up as the mix of properties sold shifts up and the percentage of distressed homes decreases.   It is not a recovery yet given sales are up 4% and transactions are down 16% year to date in 2012 but it sure beats when things were going down with no indication of a bottom.  That said recovery is in process in more parts of the Steamboat market, distressed

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 Update: Trailhead Lodge Steamboat - How are things one year after the auctions?

It was announced this morning that there will be an Auction for the remaining Luxury Condos at Trailhead Lodge in Wild Horse Meadows.  It is scheduled for Saturday December 15th at 1pm in Steamboat Springs.  This is a great plan that will help this project move forward and will be a good opportunity for people looking for a deal on a condo in Wild Horse Meadows Steamboat.  I'll add more later, but I think this is the right thing for this property and I was happy with how the auction was handled last time by Kennedy Wilson.  My concern last time was that the owners may not have recognized the values of the condos given the number they had left and may not have the

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   Wendy & I were talking at breakfast this morning about how it still amazes us after all these years that we live in Steamboat.  We feel lucky every day and the kids are even luckier with all of the amazing things they get to do.  Years ago we sat eating our breakfast at Winona's many times wishing we lived here and it was cool to think about that as we sat there this morning.  What we didn't have at the time were two amazing kids that we get too see growing up in Steamboat.       We are so fortunate to be able to live our dreams here in Steamboat not to mention share it with Alden & Neve.  I don't think it will ever get old for us.  We love the amazing community here and how often we come across more special moments that…
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Learn how to use this site most effectively so that you can make the most out of your real estate search experience.  Click on the Video to the Right! Our site features many options that are unique to searching for property and we thought that a short video would help you to easily see what you are able to accomplish!

Some of the items that are featured and discussed are - 

  • The Ranking System - We have a rating system that allows you to save your favorite properties, rank them and take notes so that you can remember on your return to the site.
  • Our Videos - We realize that some people have never been to Steamboat before.  Others might want to see and tour the Yampa Valley or our latest skiing adventure.  Learn how to navigate this section
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Update 11-14-12: The second Trailhead Lodge Steamboat Auction was announced a few minutes ago.  It will happen on Saturday Dec 15th. Looks like my prediction came to pass. Call me for more details. I can show you what they sold for before, what they are worth now and which ones are available. No one else has the combination of the info and insights I have combined with representing your interests.  Just call me to see.

See more on the New Steamboat Auction Here

  It's November and Silverleaf pulled the condos they own in Trailhead Lodge at Wild Horse Meadows off the market a few days ago.  Last fall they bought the debt to get the unsold condos, sold a few at high prices, then did little to sell more. The Trailhead Auction this spring was the result.

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