May 2012

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Update 11-6-12  Will we see another Trailhead Steamboat Condo Auction?  - See this post for my current thoughts.

 The auction for Trailhead Lodge at Wildhorse Meadows finished about 30 minutes ago. Overall there was good activity in the 2-3 bedroom range at prices that were where very close to what I had advised my clients of.  Auction wise they threw in several twists as expected and started with 19 instead of 39 units then mentioned there would be more, they added a second round to bring the total units offered to 34 units.  There were 23 winning bids for a total of just under $8.5m.  Some bids were accepted on site and some we will know today on.

Updated info:  Here are the highest priced units by type, I have full info on the winning bid for each

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