April 2012

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Its an interesting time right now in Steamboat. The real estate market continues to show signs of recovery and more people are evaluating if it is a good time for them to purchase or upgrade in Steamboat.  We are at a point where the economic news is significantly better than it has been for a long time (still risks out there for sure), other financial assets like the stock market are at or near highs we saw in the last boom and returns on cash / bonds are low.  At the same time, people are seeing stabilization or recovery in their home markets.  Prices are down significantly here in Steamboat, interest rates for purchases are in the 3.25-4% range and financing is getting a bit easier, even for condos.  Locally, at the end of March the Real Estate market

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 There will be a lot of excitement and questions over the next couple of months surrounding the Auction for Condos at Wild Horse Meadows.  Most will be from people looking to learn more about the auction but many will be from people that already own in Steamboat or are thinking about it and wonder what this means to the Steamboat real estate market. Here is a short list of key questions I can answer for you along with any others you have. I think that there will be some very good values for people that navigate this process thoughtfully.  

5-6-12 Check the following link for the Trailhead Lodge at Wildhorse Meadows Steamboat Auction Results

11 - Why do you care if you don't want a Condo but are interested in or own Real Estate in Steamboat? 

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