July 2011

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   Here is a good article on the Vacation Home Market with some pros and cons of buying now. We are seeing quite a few more people switch from watching to looking for real estate in Steamboat Springs. The increase in activity this summer is significant and we are seeing the interest shift from bank owned properties to quality homes town homes and condos that families can plan to enjoy for years to come.

    Steamboat is also evolving from a Resort market to a Lifestyle Market where people come for the town, the people and the complete lifestyle instead of just the skiing.  This change means that we are attracting more location neutral professionals. Living in Steamboat Springs is a very attractive choice for many families that can work from anywhere. 

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It's been a busy summer but feedback like this from clients makes it a pleasure to work so hard. Thank you Clayton and Anne who came to me through a broker collegue from the Luxury Real Estate Board of Regents in Boulder. Lew Kingdom of www.wrightkingdom.com is a true pro in Boulder, CO.   I am fortunate to work with some very sophisitcated brokers around the country and I learn something from nearly every client because they are too.

"The Steamboat trip went well.  Jon was certainly helpful; especially when you consider the short notice.  He was organized, prompt, and quickly understood our needs.  He spent several hours with us on both Saturday and Sunday.  We got a good feel for the different neighborhoods and the available properties.    Given what

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Driving in to work this morning i was once again reminded of how beautiful Steamboat Springs truly is. Watching the hot air balloon touch down this morning behind the barn, I decided that I had to stop to take a quick picture.  Hope you enjoy the image below, and this is just a taste of the Hot Air Balloon Rodeo in Steamboat this weekend! 40+ Balloons are scheduled to take off both Saturday and Sunday morning just off of Hwy 40. Hope to see you there!


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One Steamboat Place now expects to give us an announcement regarding their new plan this afternoon or tomorrow morning as they emerge from foreclosure negotiations.  What I do have is some preliminary pricing information which is as follows. I should have more details soon to confirm individual unit pricing. As always they could adjust their plans befioe announcing since the deal hasn't quite been signed.

 Fractional units:

- $220K for 1/12th units

- $330K for 1/8th units with an option to remove the Catamount Membership for $20K less.

 Whole Units starting at:

- Two 3 Bedroom units available starting at $1.395M

- 4 Bedroom units starting at $1.65M

 Give me a call at 970-879-0879 or email jon@TheSteamboatGroup.com . My first impression of the

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    We should hear tomorrow on how One Steamboat Place will exit foreclosure tomorrow after a multi-year re-financing that could stabilize the project going forward.   Expect to see new prices, likely a different ownership structure that comes out of the negotiations & manuvering we have been watching for a few months and hopefully a plan that makes enough sense for buyers to step forward.  How do you know?  Lets see the final announcements, prices and parties that are involved and then give me a call if you want an independent opinion. Both the whole and fractional plans need to make sense because of the way the building and HOA is structured.   I will help you think through things and help you get a feel for if things make sense in general and based on

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