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 I am starting to get more excited for winter, its not that I don't always look forward to skiing but summer and fall are so great here that I always seem to want to get in a few more days on my bike and water-ski before winter really sets in.  Between the anticipation of a La Nina year and 20 inches or more on top of Buff Pass as of Saturday I have officially let go of fall and I am ready for winter.  The last time La Nina had it's way with Steamboat was in 2007 and we had a record year by a large margin.  There was so much snow we had trouble getting out on our new powder specific snowmobiles as there always seemed to be 4-8 ft of the soft stuff up on Buffalo and Rabbit ears pass. 

  It looks like another 1-2 ft are on the way early this week so I

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In her article "Steamboat, Colo., known for kid-friendly skiing". MSNBC writer Eileen Ogintz tells us about her visit with family to Steamboat.  Eileen writes about everything from soaking in our famous Strawberry Park Hot Springs, she says "its bubbling pool a toasty 105 degrees" to the story of where Steamboat got it's name in the early 1800s when settlers heard "a noisy hot springs that reminded them of a Steamboat".

  Steamboat offers pioneering Kids-Ski-Free program in which is dated back 26 years, along with the (one free child per adult) for flying here, which could add up to savings of hundreds of dollars a child for a five-day trip.

 Steamboat is known for its Champagne powder, and the Kids Vacation Center where little skiers and

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Fall in Steamboat could be my favorite season and this year there was no question. The La Nina pattern in the Pacific that has developed this year tends to deliver warm falls and solid winter snows. 2007 was the last La Nina year and it was a record season with a similar fall. The temperatures have regularly remained in the mid 70s and this past week brought the first snowfall with about 6 inches on top of the mountain. We got in a nice snowfall fight with the kids on Rabbit Ears. Don't think that fall is over yet, we are heading out water-skiing today. The clear blue skies have been perfect for those looking to extend their favorite summer activities to get out to enjoy some more mountain biking, hiking and fly-fishing. Despite the warmth, the cool

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 Fall and winter often stir comforting thoughts of curling up next to a fire with a good book. Steamboat is fortunate to have 2 great bookstores in town and a recently renovated library, giving you a few great places to escape and read those great new (or old) books. The two bookstores of Steamboat are located right around the corner from each other. Epilogue Book Company can be found on Lincoln Ave. close to 9th Street, while Off The Beaten Path is on 9th Street if you head towards the Yampa River.

Epilogue: Epilogue offers a quiet, cozy atmosphere. Smaller than Off the Beaten Path, Epilogue still offers a wide selection of books along with inspirational art. Their couches offer a cozy escape from the world outside. It’s no surprise that groups

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img_0532_400 Steamboat Springs Downtown Halloween Stroll "Photo of 2009 Downtown Halloween Stroll" October 31st at 5:00 - 7:00pm The Annual Halloween Stroll has been taking place in Downtown Steamboat for more than 30 years. It is incredibly cool to walk down Lincoln Avenue (they close US Highway 40 all through downtown) let the kids trick or treat and see all of your friends in one place. The kids trick or treat at the downtown businesses but all segments of the community show up plus fire trucks with their ladders up are there for kids to see. For example plenty of retired people show up in or out of costue. It's a priceless small town Steamboat tradition. We typically get down there early see everyone on the street then meet friends for dinner at the…
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   Interesting predictions from John Paulson, the Hedge Fund guy that made billions by predicting the mortgage crisis and shorting sub-prime mortgages.  I hope that John is right about it being time to buy stocks and homes but is overshooting what inflation will do.  I also hope that less money will go to gold since it is not a productive asset and goes into other investments that will drive innovation and grow the economy.

From Forbes:  It could be time to sell your low-yielding bonds and replace them with higher-yielding common stocks. "John Paulson ... told a standing room only crowd at New York’s  University Club that double-digit inflation is about to rear its ugly head by 2012, killing the bond market, and restoring strength to equities and

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