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I requested an updated set of rental averages today for Eagle Ridge Townhomes today and got the strongest sign yet that our vacation rental market is turning the corner.  I still consider this an early sign since I haven't seen it in enough places but it is very encouraging to see that revenue picked up 10-50% for a high quality property like Eagle Ridge in the last year vs the previous year's comparable numbers.  Last winter was pretty slow overall so it is good to see that Eagle Ridge Townhomes was able to make such a solid turn.  If you would like to know more about Eagle Ridge or the rental market in Steamboat I follow them closely and can talk through where things are with you, just give me a call at 970-879-0879. If you would like to see

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  Fish Creek falls is one of the most popular hikes in Steamboat. There are three parts to this hike. The first part is a short hike that takes you to Fish Creek Falls itself. This only takes a couple of minutes of walking down to the base of the trail to the bottom of the waterfall. This is a great place for taking pictures of you and your family standing in front of the beautiful 283 ft waterfall. The second falls is about an hour and a half of steep uphill hiking. This is a great hike enjoyed by both visitors and locals alike, loved for its beauty in every season as well as the hike’s proximity to town.

   Many people stop at the second falls, but there’s a third portion of the trail that offers tons of solitude.

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     Most everyone who has been to Steamboat Springs is familiar with the Aspen tree. The aspen thrives in the Rocky Mountain climate and does well in damp environments. In the summer, when the leaves unfurl, they take on an emerald green quality, brighter at first than they are when they settle into summer. The quaking Aspen is known for the shimmer and shudder of its leaves. On a dry summer day, the wind blowing through them often sounds like rain. In winter, their stark forms reach up, white ghostly sentinels watching over the ski mountain, or clustered in hills and valleys.

     There are a couple of interesting things to note about Aspen trees. The first is they can be male or female. The second is Aspens

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