How to Best use this Site

     This site is intended to be your guide to easily find homes around Steamboat. We have designed this site to help you search in a way that is user-friendly. Below we have put together a guide to show you how you can get the most out of the different search features on this site.

Search Terms -

     The Steamboat MLS has a few terms and developments that are represented in the MLS differently than one might expect when searching. For example, when looking for condos in One Steamboat Place, if you are searching with the Subdivision tool, One Steamboat Place in the MLS is actually referred to as OSP. If you try typing One Steamboat Place, unfortunately no results will show.

Search Listings -

     Map- If you are looking for a home in a certain area this can be an instrumental first tool for narrowing down your search. Allowing you to easily reference the distance to downtown or the mountain makes this a great first step. We have set-up a few different map features to help you best see Steamboat and neighborhoods around town.

     When searching on the main map, available in both the €˜Quick Search' area and under the €˜Search Listings' tab, if you click on a property this will take you to learn more details about this specific home.       

          - Once you are at the page of a specific home there are a few different options to help you gain the most comprehensive understanding of each property and the surrounding neighborhood. Beginning on the €˜Properties Details' tab, you are given a written description, pictures and some of the homes specs.

          -  If you click on the €˜map this property' tab next, this will take you back to the map with only this property on it.

          -  €˜Streetview' will show you the perspective of standing on the street starting in front of the home you have selected.

          - However, it should be noted at this point that Google Maps do use older imagery. As a result, there can be €˜streetviews€˜ of downtown or on the mountain that show construction where completed projects currently stand. Some newer homes do not show up on these maps at all. In addition, for many resort areas you will not be able to get close to the townhomes or condos. Because many of the roads leading to townhomes and condos are private, street view will not have pictures taken from these vantage points. In addition, some properties coordinates have been improperly entered, landing a few in the middle of parking lots. For more information on idiosyncrasies with the map or questions please feel free to contact us. We can provide insightful information that the computer misses.

          - Birdseye View - Provided by, is a more recently updated aerial map than Google provides. If you click on the €˜areal' tab in the top left corner you can see a more current Aerial view of Steamboat.

          - Directions - This allows you to easily find your way to any home within Steamboat. The address where you want to go to will be provided as the house you are currently looking at, all you have to do is type in where you are coming from!

     Search by Subdivision - If you were able narrow down your search results through the map, or know the general area where you would like to look, this can be the best search tool for you. Allowing you to pick multiple subdivisions that surround a certain area your home search can be narrowed down to areas that you like.

     Search by Street - The best tool if you are looking for a specific area within a subdivision. Allowing you to search multiple streets at once, this is a great way to search if you have limited down your search to a specific area.

     Listing by MLS Number - If you have searched previously within this site or another, you can look quickly at homes that you are familiar with by quickly typing in the MLS Number

     My Control Panel - Located in the middle of the right column is the €˜My Control Panel' feature. This feature easily allows you to return to a previously saved search. When you initially look at a listing, you will be prompted for a username and password. This is to help you return to previous searches and save homes that you like.

 Click here to search the Steamboat Springs MLS or to view individual properties that are currently available in Steamboat.