The Steamboat Lifestyle

The Steamboat lifestyle is based on the abundant options we have for recreation. There are not many places in the world with a ski mountain, an ice-rink, active rodeo ground, world-class fly-fishing and endless single-track trails within 5 minutes walking distance of downtown.

The Steamboat Lifestyle is defined by the seasons. Running shoes switch places with skate skis, bike-shorts and snow-pants trade places in your drawer, and sandals are abandoned for warm, comfortable boots. Until Summer comes around again.

For you this could mean waking up extra early for a solitary bike-ride up the mountain, getting high enough to enjoy the sun-rise before your quick decent. Or perhaps it is a hike during your lunch break at one of many trails that begin right downtown. With the sentiment "we work to live, not live to work" shared by many employers throughout town, many will be eager to join you.

Steamboat has produced more Olympic Athletes than any other town in North America. Don't be surprised if kids ski by that are only waist high, or easily cruise past you on their mountain bikes in the Summer. The genuine love for the outdoors is instilled in kids at a young age and families come closer together enjoying all the activities Steamboat offers. Your kids will want to hang out with you here.

For more information on our favorite trails, ski runs or places to visit in any season, send us an email. Or even if you are coming to Steamboat, looking for someone to join you on your latest adventure feel free to get a hold of us. We are always looking for a new person to enjoy and share this great town with. Click here for more information about community opportunities, photos and videos of Steamboat and our Steamboat Blog.