Community/Volunteer Information

Living in such a town as active as Steamboat Springs the opportunities for community involvement are truly countless.

With weekly mountain bike and running races in the summer, volunteers are needed each week to help guide the competitors along the correct route and help give out popsicles at the finish line. One of the most rewarding and fun volunteer opportunities is standing at the 25-mile mark, the turn-around point for those participating in the 50 mile trail run in Steamboat. Knowing you helped the runners through the daunting run back down the mountain is rewarding and a much appreciated job.

But opportunities for community involvement outside of athletics are also prominent. You can spend your morning planting the annual bed in the Yampa Valley Botanic Park, the afternoon working with the United Way's active Steamboat branch and the evening helping build hiking and biking trails on Emerald Mountain.

While it would be a busy day, this is only a glimpse of what can be accomplished in a day living in Steamboat. With many more opportunities to get involved with the Library, Rotary Club, the Community Foundation or at the Hospital you can stay busy throughout the year in Steamboat.

For a more extensive list of community projects or events that are looking for volunteers give me a call or send me an email at [email protected]. I would love to help point you in the right direction.